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Access Controller

> Support TCP/IP communication

> Two dual communication protocols: RS-485 and Wiegand (W26 and W34)

> Holds 100,000 users and stores 500,000 card swiping records

> Support interlock, group combination, anti-passback, remote unlock, and more

> Support card reader tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, door sensor timeout alarm, duress alarm, illegal card exceeding threshold alarm, and incorrect password alarm

> Built-in RTC, support manual time synchronization and auto time synchronization

> Support power-off memory protection and online upgrade

> Support watchdog (a device that protects a system from software or hardware failures)

> Support PoE power supply

Availability: In Stock
Internet Protocol IPv4; TCP; UDP
OSDP Protocol Yes
Product Appearance Model B slide rail
Buzzer Yes
Casing Material PC+ABS
Unlock Mode Card/remote/password/fingerprint unlock
Period List 128
Holiday Period 128
Network Update Yes
First-Card Unlock Yes
Remote Verification Yes
Blocklist/Allowlist Yes
Peripheral Card Reader 4 RS-485 card readers
4 Wiegand card readers
Multi-door Interlock Yes
Group Combination Card/password/fingerprint unlock
Real-Time Surveillance Yes
Multiple Authentication Yes
User (Card) Type General user, VIP user, patrol user, guest user, blocklist user, and other user
User 100,000
Fingerprint 3,000
Card 100,000
Record Capacity 500,000
RS-485 Port 5 RS-485 ports
Wiegand 4 Wiegand ports
Network One 10/100 Mbps network port
Alarm Input 1 (digital quantity)
Alarm Output 1 (relay)
Alarm Linkage Yes
Exit Button 4
Door Status Detection 4
Lock Control 4, stays open by default
Anti-Passback Yes
Tamper Yes
Duress Yes
Door Sensor Timeout Yes
Intrusion Yes
Illegal Card Exceeding Threshold Yes
Duress Fingerprint Yes
Power Supply Standard POE (an additional power supply for the door lock is needed);

DC 12V (support supplying power to the door lock)

IP Rating IP20, IK04
Power Consumption Standby 1.0W, working 13.0W (Standard PoE; rated voltage of the card reader power supply is 12V, and the total max. rated current is 1.4A);

Standby 0.8W, working 41.6W (DC 12V; rated voltage of the card reader power supply is 12V, and the total max. rated current is 1.4A; rated voltage of the door lock power supply is 12V, and the total max. rated current is 2A)

Product Dimensions 210 mm × 106 mm × 50 mm (8.27”× 4.17”× 1.97”)
Packaging Dimensions Packaging box: 255 mm × 166 mm × 87 mm (10.04”× 6.54”× 3.43”)
Protective box: 508 mm × 265 mm × 190 mm (20.0”× 10.43”× 7.48”)
Operating Temperature –30°C to +60°C (–22°F to +140°F)
Operating Humidity 5%RH–90%RH (no condensation)
Operating Altitude 0 m–1300 m (0 ft–4265.10 ft)
Operating Environment Indoor
Gross Weight 0.6 kg (1.33 lb)
Installation Surface/guide rail mount
Certification CE/FCC/UL


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