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ITC413-PW4D Series

Dahua Access ANPR Camera

> High-performance CMOS image sensor and processor that supports continuously extracting metadata 24/7.

> Adopts intelligent deep learning algorithms and supports recognition of unlicensed vehicles and the type, brand and color of vehicles.

> Built-in signal port, data port, communication port and remote controllers assist in controlling external devices such as entry and exit barriers.

> Built-in LED for simplified installation and commissioning.

> All-in-one structure with junction box and bracket, and it is also low power consumption.

> IP67 and IK10 rated.

> Supports intrusion and loitering detection and triggers light and voice alarms when perimeter events occur to actively deter targets. Custom audios can also be imported and edited.

> Easily adapts to scenarios through its motorized vari-focal lens.

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Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS
Image Resolution 2688 × 1520
Electronic Shutter Speed Auto/Manual 1/25 s–1/100,000 s
Max. Detection Speed DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:80 km/h
DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z3, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ3:120 km/h
Min. Illumination DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1,DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:
0.001 [email protected] (Color, 30 IRE)
0.0002 [email protected] (B/W, 30 IRE)
0 Lux (Illuminator on)
0.001 [email protected] (Color, 30 IRE)
0.0002 [email protected] (B/W, 30 IRE)
0 Lux (Illuminator on)
S/N Ratio >56 dB
Scanning System progressive scanning
Focal Length DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:

2.7 mm–12 mm

8 mm–32 mm

Field of View DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:
H: 92° (W)—46.1° (T)
V: 49° (W)—26.0° (T)
D: 109° (W)—52.8° (T)
H: 39.9° (W)—15.1° (T)
V: 21.8° (W)—8.5° (T)
D: 46.6° (W)—17.4° (T)
Focus Control Auto, area focus, manual
Number of Lens 1
Lens Type Motorized Vari-focal
Max. Aperture DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:1.4
DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z3, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ3:1.6
Iris Control DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:DC-Iris
DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z3, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ3:P-Iris
DORI Distance Lens Detect Observe Recognize Identify


60.4 m (198.16 ft) 24.2 m

(79.40 ft)

12.1 m

(39.70 ft)

6.0 m

(19.68 ft)



128.7 m (422.24 ft) 51.5 m (168.96 ft) 25.7 m

(84.32 ft)

12.9 m

(42.32 ft)



160.0 m (524.93 ft) 64.0 m (209.97 ft) 32.0 m (104.99 ft) 16.0 m (52.49 ft)


406.9 m (1334.97 ft) 162.8 m (534.12 ft) 81.4 m (267.06 ft) 40.7 m (133.53 ft)
Illuminator Number 4
Illuminator On/Off Control Auto, manual
Illuminator Type DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ3:IR (850 nm)
DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z3:Dual Illuminators (730 nm IR/warm light)
Illumination Distance DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:
ANPR: 10 m (32.81 ft)
Video monitoring: 30 m (98.43 ft)
ANPR: 20 m (65.62 ft)
Video monitoring: 60 m (196.85 ft)
Smart Illumination According to the brightness of the environment, the camera automatically adjusts the intensity of its light to reveal the details of moving targets. Devices with warm light can automatically adjust the light intensity according to the time.
Infrared Wavelength DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ3:850 nm
DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z3:730 nm
Video Resolution Main stream: 4M (2688 × 1520)/1080p (1920 × 1080)/720p (1280 × 720)
Sub stream: 720p (1280 × 720)/960H (960 × 576, 960 × 480)/D1 (704 × 576, 704 × 480)/CIF (352 × 288, 352 × 240)
Stream PAL: Main stream (2688 × 1520@25 fps, 1920 × 1080@25 fps, 1280 × 720@25 fps), sub stream (1280 × 720@25 fps, 960 × 576@25 fps, 704 × 576@25 fps, 352 × 288@25 fps);
NTSC: Main stream (2688 × 1520@30 fps, 1920 × 1080@30 fps, 1280 × 720@30 fps), sub stream (1280 × 720@30 fps, 960 × 480@30 fps, 704 × 408@30 fps, 352 × 240@30 fps)
Video Compression H.264H; H.264B; H.264M by default; H.265; MJPEG; H.264M
Video Bit Rate H.264B: 2,179 kbps–13,074 kbps
H.264M: 2,179 kbps–13,074 kbps
H.264H: 2,179 kbps–13,074 kbps
H.265: 2,179 kbps–13,074 kbps
MJPEG: 6,537 kbps–39,223 kbps
Scene Self-adaptation (SSA) Yes
Gain Control Manual; Auto
Noise Reduction 3D NR
Region of Interest (RoI) Yes, 3
Image Tampering Prevention Yes. Watermarks can be added to videos and images. The watermark can also be verified.
Bit Rate Control CBR; VBR
Storage Bult-in TF card port. Supports Kingston 16 G, 32 G, 128 G, 256 G; Dahua card 16 G, 32 G, 128 G, 256 G; SanDisk 16 G, 32 G, 128 G, 256 G
Restricted List/Trusted List Allowlist: 110,000
Blocklist: 110,000
IVS Intrusion detection, loitering detection, up to 4 areas can be set.
Basic Event Alarms for events of defocus, no storage card, storage card no space, storage card error, network disconnection, IP conflict, and illegal access.
Sound and Light Alarm Yes, blue & red indicator, and supports broadcasting custom audio.
Alarm Linkage Upload to FTP/Memory card, notify monitoring center, send e-mail, trigger alert output, snapshot and active deterrence
Capture Distance DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:

3 m–8 m (9.84 ft–26.25 ft)

8 m–20 m (26.25 ft–65.62 ft)

Detected Width DHI-ITC413-PW4D-Z1, DHI-ITC413-PW4D-IZ1:

3 m–4 m (9.84 ft–13.12 ft)

6 m–8 m (19.69 ft–26.25 ft)

Network Protocol HTTP; Https; 802.1x; TCP; ARP; RTSP; RTP; UDP; RTCP; SMTP; FTP; DHCP; DNS; IPv4/v6; NTP; SFTP;DDNS; SNMP; PPPoE
Interoperability ONVIF (Profile S/Profile G/Profile T); CGI; ITSAPI; P2P
Management Software DSS Pro; DSS Express; Cybercity; Smart PSS
Security Username and password; MAC address; HTTPS; IEEE 802.1x; network access control
Browser Plug in:
IE 9, 10, 11.
Chrome 52 and earlier versions
Firefox 42 and earlier versions
No plug in:
Chrome 92 and later versions
Image Encoding Format JPEG
Image Setting Brightness; contrast; saturation; gamma; sharpness; gain; white balance
Day/Night IR filter, support three modes: color/B/W/auto
WDR 140 dB
White Balance Auto; Regional Custom; Manual; Outdoor; Natural; Street Lamp
Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) Yes
OSD Overlay Supports overlay of time; address (position of channel), lane (number/direction), plate (number and color), vehicle (speed, color, type)
Audio Port Yes
Built-in MIC Yes; Pick-up distance: 3 m (9.84 ft), Sampling Rate: 48 k.
Built-in Speaker Yes; Power: 2 W
Audio Output 1 channel (RCA port)
Network Port RJ-45 (10/100/1000 self-adaptive Ethernet Port)
Alarm Input 2, optocoupler input (wet node on-off value: 5 V)
Alarm Output 2, relay output (2A 30 VDC/0.5A 125 VAC), which can connect to devices such as barriers
RS-485 2 (half duplex,Transparent,DHRS,Push Data through Serial Port)
Reset Button Yes
Wiegand 1 channel, SHA-1 26 bit
Maximum Number of Passed Vehicles 10,000
Max. Number of Connections 10
AI Recognition Recognizes vehicle types, vehicle signs, vehicle color, vehicle plate, plate, vehicle without plate.
Video Metadata Displays the intelligent frame, plate and vehicle paths.
Vehicle Brand Recognizes 147 vehicle logos.
Vehicle Color Recognizes 12 colors: Grey, black, white, silver, blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, brown, and yellow.
Vehicle Type Recognition Recognizes 9 vehicle types: Large Bus, Heavy Truck, Medium Truck, Sedan, Van, Light Truck, Medium Bus, SUV, MPV, Pickup
Country and Region Supported by ANPR Baseline support:
GCC (U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon)
Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Palestine, Lebanon, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Croatia, North Macedonia)
Russian-speaking regions (Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan)
SADC (Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana)
North America (United States, Canada)
Can be customized:
Mongolia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Curacao, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Japan, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius
Capture Rate In the recommended installation and lighting condition, the vehicle capture rate ≥ 99%
Recognition Rate In the recommended installation and lighting condition, the recognition rate for positive and departing vehicles≥ 96%; the recognition rate for European vehicle plates ≥ 98%
Remote control Yes
Communication Band 433 MHz; 868 MHz
Remote Control Distance 15 m (49.21 ft) (In an open, undisturbed environment)
Power Supply 12 VDC, 2 A and POE:802.3at,Type 2,Class 4,(44V to 57V), 0.455A to 0.351A,max.20W
Power Consumption Power consumption in different conditions:
No lighting < 6 W
Lighting <12 W
Speaker and Red/Blue Light Warning on < 17 W
Protection IK10; IP67
Material Aluminum alloy body+Plastic
Product Dimensions 396.0 mm × 120.8 mm × 127.8 mm (15.59″ × 4.76″ × 5.03″) (L × W × H)
Packaging Dimensions 445.0 mm × 238.0 mm × 229.0 mm (17.52″ × 9.37″ × 9.02″)
Net Weight 2.3 kg (5.07 lb)
Gross Weight 3.2 kg (7.05 lb)
Storage Humidity –40 °C to +70 °C (–40 °F to +158 °F)
Storage Temperature ≤ 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature –30 °C to +65 °C (–22 °F to +149 °F)
Operating Humidity 10%–90% (non-condensing)
Certifications CE-EMC; CE-LVD; CE-RED; FCC; FCC-ID


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