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Swing Turnstile

> Barriers will be closed automatically if no one entered the turnstile after the identity is verified
> Parameters can be restored to default settings.
> The locking and unlocking of barriers can be controlled by remote controller (optional).
> Support second unlock (unlock inside the passage) and memory mode.
> Support 4 types of security settings.
> The turnstile can stay open during fire emergency.
> Support mechanical and IR anti-pinch, and anti-collision.
> Support sound and light alarm, volume adjustment and various sound types.
> 9 passing modes: Pass with identity verified, not allowed to pass, and pass without restrictions, and you can use the three modes in any combination.
> Support adjusting unlocking and locking speed, pass duration, and locking delay duration
> Support alarms of intrusion (entering and exiting), tailing, overstay, climbing, abnormal unlocking, abnormal barriers, abnormal IR, abnormal communication, and more
> Support multiple authentication methods using face, fingerprint, QR code, CPU card reader/ID card reader and other modules.
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Dimensions 1500 mm × 200 mm × 980 mm (59.06″ × 7.87″ × 38.58″) (L × W × H)
Surface Texture Ink brushed
Casing SUS304
Barrier Acrylic or stainless steel
Motor DC brushless servo motor
IR Detector 12 pairs
Anti-collision Yes
Anti-pinck Yes
Memory Mode Yes
Anti-tailing Yes
Sound & Light Alarm Yes
People Counting Yes
Alarm Yes
Second Unlock Yes
Lock/Unlock Speed 0.5–1.6 s (adjustable)
Pass Duration 2–60 s (adjustable)
Lock Delay Duration 0–60 s (adjustable)
MCBF ≥5 million times
Passing Frequency 20–60 people/minute
Passage Width Standard: 600 mm
Max: 1100 mm
Net Weight 75 kg (165.35 lb) (single-motor), 95 kg (209.44 lb) (double-motor)
Gross Weight 95 kg (209.44 lb) (single-motor), 115 kg (253.53) (double-motor)
Power Consumption Single-motor module turnstile: ≤10W (standby), ≤130W (working)
Double-motor module turnstile: ≤20W (standby), ≤260W (working)
Packaging Wooden box
Operating Temperature –25°C to 70°C (–13°F to 158°F)
Operating Humidity 5%–90% (non-condensing)
Operating Environment Indoor and outdoor


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